My Interview Experience

Over the past few weeks I have been working on a very interesting project. I had the opportunity to interview a fellow classmate and find out a little bit about them. At the beginning of the process I was excited because I didn’t really know anything about my classmate so I was eager to find out more.

The first step I took in this process was simply talking to the student I was interviewing and try and get a feel for what they like and are interested in. I soon found that he was an avid baseball fan and that he loved to travel. As you will see in the interview he was able to study abroad in a place that is known for producing world class baseball talent. I also discovered that Washington is not his home state and he was actually born in the Bronx which I thought that was very cool.

After we talked for a while I had a good idea about that questions I wanted to ask so that I could get genuine answers on topics that he cared about. This was really cool because he was able to share even more than I expected in the interview and gave a unique perspective into his life. He also shared the reason he chose WSU which I find interesting that he had wanted to be a coug since he was a child so that really shows how special WSU is to him.

After the interview took place I had to cut down all of the footage and edit some which is too bad because there was many interesting facts about him that I couldn’t add to the video due to time constraints. With that said looking back after all of the editing, I am proud of how it turned out and if you would like to watch it the video is below.